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Winbro released new corporate identities under Quaser’s rebranding plan

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04/17-00/00, 2023

Winbro Group, a subsidiary of Quaser Group, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year! After the acquisition in 2019, Winbro officially released a series of new corporate identities, including a new website, brand logo, and brand identity under its Reimagined Project, part of Quasar's brand integration rebranding plan. Not only does the green of Winbro echo the red of Quaser, but also Winbro's brand identity - '"Vison Engineered", reverberates with Quaser's "Vision Manufactured" through innovative technology processes to achieve customers' engineering and manufacturing needs. Whether Quase or Winbro, we work with customers to create high-quality, high-performance, high-output customized solutions.


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