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Laser drilling on the fly (DOF)

Laser drilling on the fly (DOF)

DELTA laser machining system

DELTA laser machining system

Winbro's strength lies in our extensive experience and application knowledge of Lasers together with the capability to provide the correct Laser (Nd Yag - CW, Pulsed, Fibre, Q-Switched or CO2), for the process under consideration. Winbro’s Delta Laser System can be used for:

—Hole Drilling (Including Drilling on-the-fly, shaped hole machining, trepanning)
—Ceramic Coating Removal Using Ablation
—Metal Additive (Cladding, DMD)

The Winbro range of specialised Laser Ablation systems provide a combination of vaporisation and melt erosion of material from the surface. The HSA300 is a highly-compact and pruductive platform that can be fitted with a multitude of different Fiber Lasers and either a 2-axis or 3-axis Galvo-Scanning head to move the beam on a programmed tool path.



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