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Laser Welding

T-Section weld

T-Section weld

HSW300 Laser Welding System

HSW300 Laser Welding System

Winbro offers a range of high-precision 5-axis laser welding machines. Continuous Waveform (CW) Laser welding offers a number of advantages over other welding techniques, including:

—Up to 10 x faster and produces higher quality welds compared to conventional methods such as TiG, MiG, arc or brazing
—More effective & consistent than pulse laser welding with flash lamp or solid-state sources
—Much less expensive to buy and operate than Electron Beam
—Laser is effective with dissimilar materials and bright metal alloys; welds plastics together and to metals
—Winbro process is autogenous – no filler required

Laser welding is particualrly well-suited to high-value engineering sectors such as:

—Automotive, especially powertrain and fueling
—Electric vehicle components and fuel cells
—Medical devices
—Sensors and transducers
—Hydrogen pipework and fittings
—Power generation, esp. pressure vessels and pipework



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