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The HSD6-GT has been developed from the original and highly successful HSD6-III system to take advantage of the latest design and control and process concepts employed in High Speed EDM for large annular parts such as Aero combustor components and also the larger IGT Blades and Vanes with a weight capacity up to 500kg.


Quaser Group provides technology and application expertise to enable the best manufacturing performance

Type HSD6-GT
Linear X 1050mm (41.34 inches)
Linear Y 540mm (21.25 inches)
Linear Z 720mm (28.35 inches)
Rotary A + 210° - 60°
Rotary B + 100° - 200°
Rotary C Continuous
EDM axis 100mm (3.94 inches)
Linear 0.015mm (0.00059 inches)
Rotary 0.007°
Linear 0.010mm (0.00039 inches)
Rotary 0.003°


The HSD6 machine in its latest GT incarnation has been specially developed for machining cooling holes and slots in aero combustor components and larger IGT Blades and Vanes.

  • Round holes/Shaped holes (oval)
  • Seal slots
  • 2D & 3D diffusers


01Signature analysis 

Monitors real time drilling performance.

Reduces the requirement for manual inspection.

02Advanced shaped hole generation 

Generation of complex 2D and 3D diffuser holes.

03High production rates 

Up to 5 times faster than conventional EDM.

04Hole geometry 

From 0.3mm to 25.0mm diameter and up to ~ 100mm in depth.

05Patented 6 point probing system 

Allows positioning using simple fixturing.

Ensures accurate positioning of drilled holes.

06Optical on machine inspection 

Hole true position measurement using a laser opticator.


Single point rotating or static electrode.

Single point AEC (Automatic Electrode Change, holds 12 electrodes).

Multi-tool with up to 45 individually sensed.


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