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The HSA5-III machine incorporates features specifically developed for intricate laser processing of cooling hole features in components such as blades, vanes and segments in Aero and Industrial gas turbines.


Quaser Group provides technology and application expertise to enable the best manufacturing performance

Type HSA5
Axis Travel
X Axis 200mm (7.8 inches)
Y Axis 200mm (7.8 inches)
Z Axis 250mm (9.8 inches)
A Axis Continuous
B Axis - 135° / + 100°
X,Y and Z axes 10m/min (390ipm)
A axis 15 RPM
B axis 10 RPM
X,Y and Z axes 0.010mm (0.0004”)
A and B axes 0.00550 (20 arc seconds)
X,Y and Z axes 0.008mm (0.0003”)
A and B axes 0.0040 (15 arc seconds)
Laser System
Fiber laser 1070nm wavelength
50 - 100 Watt average power
Q-switch pulsed - 100kHz
Beam Delivery System
Scanning head X and Y via mirrors
Galvo-motor driven
Focal length 163mm (6.4”) Typ.
Spot size 75 microns (0.003”)
Control System
PC based platform Windows 7® operating system
Axis drives AC motors
Direct absolute encoders
Operator interface Machine pendant
Machine mode selection Manual, auto, MDI etc.
Machine manual control Touchscreen or pushbuttons
Part program editing Via touch screen
Pushbutton functions Start, hold, reset, E-stop
Keyboard QWERTY
Camera Through lens display


  • 2D & 3D diffuser shapes (in coated or uncoated parts)
  • Localised removal of TBC
  • Reopening of blocked cooling holes
  • Side by side with HS EDM drilling
    (Laser ablate the diffuser and EDM drill the meter hole)


01HSA5 series 

Winbro Group has installed over 250 of the acclaimed HSD series machines across the world into the most advanced aerospace and land based gas turbine industries. Developed from the original specification for these machines, the HSA5-III encompasses the latest design, control and process concepts. Enhanced features of the machine include:

  • Windows 7® based operating system
  • Patented Part Probing
  • Integration of a range of fiber based lasers
  • Winbro LaseMill software

02Machine Overview 

The HSA5-III is built upon a robust fabricated steel base which is welded, stress relieved and machined.

A fabricated column, mounted to the rear of the base carries the Z axis, on to which is mounted the integrated laser scanning head. The “X” and “Y” assembly is mounted on machined pads at the front of the base. The A / B rotary / tilt table is mounted directly to the X-Y table, and driven by torque motors.

03Laser Ablation Process 

HSA5-III machine uses a fiber laser which delivers 50 - 100 Watt of average power, pulsing through a Q-switch at up to 100kHz. A Galvo-Scanning head is used to move the beam on a programmed path with a typical focal length of 163mm (6.4”) and the laser spot size of approximately 75 microns (0.003”).


  • Winbro LaseMill software
  • Ability to handle file formats: IGES, STEP, NX, STL, CATIA and ProE


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