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HX504 Cell
/HX505 Cell

FMC Series

HX504 Cell / HX505 Cell

FMC series is an automated solution to maximize productivity. Simple installation and ease of maintenance makes it convenient for users to operate and maintain.
Automation equipment available for one single machine to multiple production lines.


Quaser Group provides technology and application expertise to enable the best manufacturing performance

Technical Data HX504 Cell HX505 Cell
Work Range
Pallet Size □500 mm (□19.7") □500 mm (□19.7")
Max. Work Swing Diameter Ø762 mm (Ø30") Ø800 mm (Ø31.5")
Max. Work Piece Height 740 mm (29.1") 740 mm (29.1")
Travel X 762 mm (30") 762 mm (30")
Travel Y 640 mm (25.2") 640 mm (25.2")
Travel Z 810 mm (31.9") 800 mm (31.5")
B Minimum Indexing (degree) 1 / 0.001 1
Table Load Capacity 500 kg (1,102 lbs) 500 kg (1,102 lbs)
Main Spindle
Spindle Taper 40 taper 50 taper
Max. Spindle Speed 9K ~ 15K 6K ~ 10K
Pallet Changer (For Cell Only)
Number of Pallet 8 or 14 8 or 14
Method of Pallet Changer / Storage Swing type (internal) / Matrix type (External) Swing type (internal) / Matrix type (External)
Tool Changer
Magazine Positions 240 (std.) 150 (std.)
Max. Tool Diameter 76.2 mm (3") 110 mm (4.3")
Max. Tool Dia. Due to Neighbor Pots Are Empty 150 mm (5.9") 220 mm (8.7")
Max. Tool Length 450 mm (17.7") 400 mm (15.8")


Automobile, aerospace, construction machinery.…industries.


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