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Multi Face、5 Axes M/C


UX500APC is a highly versatile five-axis VMC with automatic pallet changer.
The Symmetrical design ensures the rigidity of the machine tool, which results in better damping performance and lower thermal displacement.
The dual work zone design can reduce the machine down time due to the workpiece load / unload to increase the utilization rate.  
The UX500APC is modular and expandable: End users can expand the number of work pallets and tools according to the machining demand.


Quaser Group provides technology and application expertise to enable the best manufacturing performance

Technical Data UX500APC
Work Range
Table Size □400 mm (□15.8")
Max. Swing Ø500 mm (Ø19.7")
Max. Work Piece Size Ø500 x 350 mm (Ø19.7" x 13.8")
Travel X 712 mm (28.0")
Travel Y 508 mm (20.0")
Travel Z 515 mm (20.3")
Table Load Capacity 200 kg (441 lbs)
Main Spindle
Spindle Taper 40 taper
Max. Spindle Speed 9K ~ 15K
Tool Changer
Magazine Positions 48 (std.)
Max. Tool Diameter 76.2 mm (3")
Max. Tool Dia. Due to Neighbor Pots Are Empty 125 mm (4.9")
Max. Tool Length 280 mm (11.0")


Machining of parts with more complex curved surfaces.

  • Automated automotive industry and high-precision complex workpiece requirements.
  • High-end processing of aerospace components.
  • Automobile: control arm, bracket.
  • Medical: titanium artificial knee joint, dental part.
  • Mold & die: tire mold & die in tool steel, plastic mold.


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