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Multi Face、5 Axes M/C


MF700’s design concept is to strengthen Column-moving C frame structure, and separate linear & rotary axes, optimize it with FEMA analyze, the advantages are high rigidity in structure, high precision in machining, and operator friendly. To separate linear & rotary axes is to minimize the following errors and ensure machining accuracy, on top of that, the transmission mechanism/components is away from working area which can reduced parts failure from pollution of coolant and chips.

The linear axes has a cross-frame design, the wide-span column and large-size linear way blocks provides excellent stability during high-speed cutting. Rotary table is intergraded with bridge type column, this compact design can bring us smaller footprint and maximize working envelope.

Rotary table with tailstock support can increase the load capacity which is capable up to 500kg, maximum swing for workpiece is 700mm and height is up to 500mm.

The standard worm gear/wheel and encircling brake design provide high rigidity and lock-force. For different application like high speed demand in aerospace, it can be upgraded with dual Direct Drive Motor.

Operator friendly design with 2 wide open doors are not only easier for operator but also easier for automation upgrade. More thoughtful is we offer three different types of top guards for different work environment, telescope type, solid top cover and open top.

New base design allow chips fall onto conveyor directly, reduce 50% your chip cleaning time.


Quaser Group provides technology and application expertise to enable the best manufacturing performance

Technical Data MF700
Work Range
Table Size Ø650 mm (Ø25.59")
Max. Swing Ø700 mm (Ø27.56")
Max. Work Piece Size Ø700 x H500 mm (Ø27.56" x H19.69")
Travel X 820 mm (32.28")
Travel Y 570 mm (22.44")
Travel Z 530 mm (20.87")
Table Load Capacity 500 kg (1102.30 lbs)
Main Spindle
Spindle Taper 40 taper
Max. Spindle Speed 12K ~ 20K
Tool Changer
Magazine Positions 48 (std.)
Max. Tool Diameter 76.2 mm (3")
Max. Tool Dia. Due to Neighbor Pots Are Empty 125 mm (4.92")
Max. Tool Length 300 mm (11.81")


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