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Winbro’s WAM US Facility Achieves Nadcap™ Accreditation

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01/23, 2014

Winbro’s WAM US Facility Achieves Nadcap™ Accreditation

Winbro’s WAM US facility now holds Nadcap™ Accreditation for Non-Conventional Machining

WAM US, Rock Hill is the sister plant to Winbro Group Technologies Ltd.’s business unit WAM UK, based in Coalville, Leicestershire UK, which already holds Nadcap™ accreditation for High Speed EDM.

This achievement is a significant milestone for WAM US, enhancing the company’s capacity to further serve both the USA and global Aerospace market places for High Speed EDM and Laser Hole Drilling services, utilising Winbro Group Technologies renowned designed and built EDM and Laser machine tools.

Winbro Group Technologies CEO, Mr Mike Arbon says “Nadcap accreditation for Non-Conventional Machining in our Rock Hill facility demonstrates our commitment to our customers of expanding our US based operations. It supports the significant investment we have already made in state of the art manufacturing and is complementary to our AS9100 rev C accreditation. This further consolidates our capability to offer the highest levels of quality and service.” Winbro Group Technologies has been dedicated to serving the Aerospace and Industrial Turbine engine markets for over 30 years. During this time, Winbro has acquired an intimate knowledge of the individual components used in the most demanding part of a turbine engine, including high pressure turbine blades, nozzle guide vanes, segments, combustors and other similar parts.

Winbro’s unique expertise in non-conventional machining processes such as High Speed EDM Drilling / Milling, Laser Ablation and Laser Machining and Electrochemical Forming can also be applied to other components, where traditional machining methods in advanced materials are not applicable.


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