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Chengming Model Enterprise– Solid long-term customer relationship says it all.

Story and Customers Voice

11/15-11/15, 2022

What kind of ability does Quaser have so that the customer places an order directly without looking at the product? What type of customer relationship can make the customer quickly decide to buy a new version of the machine in the exhibition in just a short meal period of thinking?

Advanced technology- high stability, strong rigidity, and long service life.

When Quaser exported 90% products to Europe 10 years ago, Chengming Model Enterprise in the Shulin District of New Taipei City was already one of the few Taiwanese customers of Quaser. '' There was almost no difference between the first machine I bought from Quaser ten years ago and the new machine of other local brands on the market now," Chengming CEO, Dong-Sheng Lin, shared his experience of use in the past ten years. He believes that the stability of Quaser machines is high, rigid, and has a long service life, and the spindle has not even been repaired once. In tone, there is full of trust and satisfaction for Quaser.

The advanced technology that Quaser achieves is well-known in the industry. Hiwi's founder, Eric Chuo, once praised Quaser at the conference when Quaser prepared to become a listed company, "the only Taiwan manufacturer whose accuracy can be comparable to German companies.'' He admired Quaser for keeping up with the development trend of the German machine tool industry.

Mr Lin said that a salesman from a well-known Taiwan factory had tried to persuade him to buy their machines; he listed all the purchasing considerations. "First of all, the performance of Quaser is challenging to be surpassed even if the price is slightly higher. The value of the fuselage itself, when scrap iron is sold after fifteen years, can easily offset the price difference at the time of purchase. If you consider the maintenance cost- Quaser's machine is hardly broken, and the parts are particularly cheap compared with other brands! If it needs to be sold to the second-hand market, Quaser machines are better sold and preserved."

These seemingly calculated trade-offs are crucial to ensuring the profitability of small and medium-sized enterprises, "taking into account the added value, the unit price of Quaser is more than reasonable." Mr Lin laughed and said the other salesman understood that he probably would never be able to get any orders from him.


Customer service is the most comprehensive guarantee.

The machine tool is the mother of industry, a company's production wealth. When manufacturers buy machines, they hope the equipment can last long. Over the past ten years, Chengming has not only been convinced of the quality and leading technology of Quaser but also of "utterly trustworthy service.''

The Chengming model takes 3C consumer electronic products as the primary customer group. The industrial characteristics need to be fully customized, and the product life circle is concise. From the purchase of the material to the shipment of the finished product, it is often necessary to complete the output of forty different items in just one week. Therefore, not only the stability of machinery and equipment should be high, but also the efficiency of customer service should reach a high standard to bring complete reliability.

Mr Lin analyzed that every second whilst the machine breaks down is a severe loss for a small business. "Quaser usually solved the problem via phone. If they need to come in face, the service team always arrive by the next afternoon." Having purchased U.S., German, and other Taiwan factory machines, he gives a thumbs up to Quaser's efficient service. "You can feel that Quaser is handling priorities from shortening customer downtime and completely standing in the customer's position." Trust is built into every back-and-forth communication.


Customer service efficiency is essential. Mr Lin is even more impressed with the additional services Quaser can offer. He mentioned his experience of dealing with a unique material, semiconductor tungsten alloy. Because of the hardness, HRC62, the machine tool was caused by wear and tear; Quaser went to the factory twice to assist in re-measuring the data. The analysis result of Quaser successfully helped Chengming to win this order and create more than twice the usual output value.


Why should we go around the sun to meet the moon?

Many Taiwanese factories have myths and think that they want to buy imported machines. Mr Lin said that he purchased one device from the world's famous German manufacturers, "only bought for a year and a half, the resonance and deviation of the spindle lost to the machine I bought from Quaser ten years ago!" After using the German machine, he concluded, "I believe that Quaser can manufacture whatever the German D brand can make."

If the quality of Quaser can supply, why should we seek far and neglect what lies close at hand?

German machine is almost twice the price compared to Quaser. However, the after-sales team always wait for the response of headquarter. Mr Lin got a headache because of the inefficient customer service. "I applied for a German component and still have not got it after eight months of waiting. if we were not flexible enough, how long would the factory be shut down?" He sighed," facing out-of-stock maintenance parts, the long waiting time, and the actual silent cost are what the company needs to consider when buying equipment.

Moreover, he also mentioned that the on-site temperature of the Taiwan factory quickly reached 40 °C, which is a rather harsh working environment for the machine. Many overseas devices require a temperature between 25°C and 35°C and limit humidity. Mr Lin observed that Quaser machine, even at a temperature of 48°C, the spindle thermal elongation still stays in one line. He laughed that Quaser has a Taiwanese spirit - resistance to exercise.

"When you trust, you don't have to compare with anything else." After ten years of accumulated customer experience with Quaser, Mr Lin is satisfied to be a loyal customer. "When I buy a machine, I only need to confirm Quaser makes it." He stresses.

It is the eighteenth year this year that Chengming was founded. In June, Mr Lin posted the new machine MF700 bought from Quaser on his Facebook page. He wrote, "thank you, Quaser, for giving Chengming a coming-of-age gift."

It is undoubtedly the sincerest affirmation of Quaser and Chengming's 10-year customer relationship.


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