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AMB International Metal Exhibition

Press Releases

09/13-09/17, 2022

The German sales representative of Quaser is currently exhibiting at the AMB International Metal Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. We received the order on the first day of the exhibition! This news is transmitted by Startin, the general manager visiting Europe and the agents.
AMB exhibition is one of Europe's most named metalworking machine exhibitions and the world's top five machine tool exhibitions. Almost all of the display machinery is representative of Germany's high-end technology. It has been held every two years since its establishment in 1982. It was suspended once during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Fortunately, it was held as scheduled, and the lively crowds and the new order symbolise the good colour head of the post-Covid era!
AMB exhibition period from 9/13 to 9/17, welcome to the Hommel booth to visit the MV184 & UX500 machine of Quaser. The professional partners on the site look forward to meeting you.


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