Our Origin

QUASER MACHINE TOOLS, INC. was established by Mr. Edward Shar and Mr. Samuel Shieh in 1991.
The company name is based on important principles for success in the machine tool industry - QUALITY, SERVICE (QUA SER) and continuous DESIGN INNOVATION.

Founder – Edward Shar

Founder – Samuel Shieh

General Manager's Voice

Quaser Group has been proposing manufacturing solutions for customers since 1991. Regardless of our customers' needs and ideas, Quaser can realize them through communication, design, manufacture, and assembly. We not only help customers to break through the difficulties and bridge the gap between design and manufacture to maximize the power of engineering but also succeed their visions at a competitive price. ‘Vision Manufactured’ is our mission.

The machine tool industry in Taiwan is fiercely competitive. Quaser has been deeply committed to developing the European market for thirty years, and our customers are worldwide. We uphold the insistence on every single detail, focus on moving forward in the direction of industrial benchmarking, and expect to achieve the promise of ‘Quaser equals quality assurance.’ Quaser is praised as 'Rolls Royce of the machine tool industry,' even though we are not self-satisfied. Because the machine tool industry is like an Infinite Game - there is no absolute winner or loser. Quaser can only continue to strive for excellence in quality and service. Fortunately, our customers pursue the same value and high standard for quality, so we are honored to have excellent brand loyalty through long-term partnerships.

Quaser believes focusing on detail is our attitude. We insist on the highest standard to select materials, think about safety circuits meticulously, and do preventive design. Additionally, we consider ergonomics and put human factor design into our core. When Quaser designed new machines for a new customer, our R&D team discussed and adjusted the detail trying to save 1or 2mm space more, which is why our machines achieve 20% to 30% smaller than others. We help customers improve factory efficiency and cut down freight costs by exerting the use of space to the extreme. Whether customers can feel the benefits, taking every detail into account is Quaser's uncompromising core value.

In the past, the turnover of Quaser once hit hard after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. However, we quickly adjusted our strategy to break through and grow steadily afterward. Furthermore, Quaser became a listed company in 2018 and acquired Winbro Group in 2019. Quaser stepped into the aerospace industry. Although we have faced the extreme challenge of the economic environment in the past two years, as a learning organization with a well-managed system, Quaser is not afraid of difficulties. Instead, we branched out into high-speed laser and electrical discharge machining (EDM) and entered the US semiconductor supply chain. Quaser will be cautious and actively exploit overseas markets to make specific achievements in the future.

Last but not least, my vision is to lead Quaser to become a global company. At the moment, the company's on-site personnel can achieve cross-border communication between Taiwan, Britain, the United States, Japan, and other countries. In the future, I hope that all employees are borderless talents with international perspectives. Moreover, I will endeavor to accelerate the integration of Quaser and Winbro to establish a corporate culture of shared common prosperity.


CEO Startin Hsieh

Management Team

Lloyd Bromham

Co-President & Chief Operating Officer

Andy Lawson

Co-President & Chief Commercial Officer

Julian Mackechnie

Vice President R&D

Alisha Lin

Chief Financial Officer

Karl Chuang

Deputy General Manager

KC Huang

Deputy General Manager


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