How Quaser Group came to be

QUASER MACHINE TOOLS, INC. was established by Mr. Edward Shar and Mr. Samuel Shieh in 1991. The company name is based on important principles for success in the machine tool industry - QUALITY, SERVICE, and continuous DESIGN INNOVATION.

Quaser established long-term global relations with large OEM and International Distributor Partners in the Company’s history. Quaser’s collaboration with international customers, suppliers, and distributors has produced unique new machine tool technologies, a strong international supplier network, a loyal sales and distribution network, and a large global customer base.

Quaser and Winbro joined hands in 2019 to provide customers with a perfect solution in the process of innovation.

Winbro, located in the United Kingdom, is known as the cooling hole expert. Its main application know-how can highly improve the efficiency of gas turbine engines (commonly known as turbine blades) and extend their life cycle. The customer list includes world-renowned aircraft engine manufacturers, GE, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, and Pratt Whitney.

Whether in the aerospace industry/semiconductor processing/fuel cell/medical industry, Quaser Group can provide different professional planning technologies and solutions for different industries.

Quaser's precise mechanical structure integrates Winbro's technology and application know-how to provide customers with a perfect solution in the process of innovation.

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  • Winning three prizes in the “16th Taiwan Machine Tool Industry Awards for Excellence in Research & Innovation.”
  • UX500 Carbon emission calculation module
    Smart & Eco-friendly Machine Tools and Key Components award- Grand Champion Award
    Component for CNC machine tool Other NC Machine Tools- Award of Eminence

    MF700 5 Axis Cell Machine Center
    Machining center and manufacturing cell- Award of Eminence

  • FMC Series:MF700 Cell



  • Quaser Group launched new Logo
  • Multi face M / C:MF700




  • Quaser revised the official website as part of rebranding process


  • February, 2021 Quaser Winbro Strikes Technology Partnership with ETG
  • May, 2021 QUASER's 30th Year Anniversary



  • January, 2020 QUASER Europe Technical center GmbH has moved from Switzerland to Germany since Jan. 2020. We will serve our European customers as efficiently as ever.


  • November, 2019 Quaser acquires Winbro Group Technologies
  • 5 Axes M / C : UX500APC


  • General stock board listed in July
  • 5 Axes M / C : UX500
  • 5 Axes M / C : UX630
  • 5 Axes M / C : UX630APC
  • New generation Vertical M / C MV1
  • New generation Vertical M / C MV2


  • Vertical M / C : MV134
  • 5 Axes M / C : UH800


  • QUASER America Machine Tools, Inc. was established officially in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
  • Apply IPO process for stock market registration in April
    (Stock Code: 4563)
  • 5-Axis Mill-Turn M / C : MT400U
  • 5 Axes M / C : UX630 APC



  • E-Production
  • Developed and produced for "L" company


  • Horizontal M / C : HX404
  • FMC Series : MF400 Cell、 MF500 Cell
  • Vertical M / C : MV234 & MV235


  • FMC : HX504 Cell、HX505 Cell


  • QUASER KUNSHAN was established officially in Kunshan, China.
  • Developed and produced for "M" company.
  • Developed and produced for "W" company.


  • Multi face M / C: MF500
  • Multi face M / C: MF630


  • QUASER brand distributed in the USA market.
  • Horizontal M / C: HX635
  • Horizontal M / C: HX505
  • Multi Face M / C: MF400


  • The QUASER Europe Technology Center was established officially in Switzerland.


  • Owned factory in Taichung Taiwan.
  • 5 axes M / C: UX300
  • Horizontal M / C: HX504


  • 5 axes M / C: UX600
  • Horizontal M / C: HX805


  • Constructed a new factory in Dajia town of Taichung county in October.
  • Ranked in the top 1000 manufacturing
  • Pallets M / C: MV154APC


  • Developed and produced for "B" company.


  • 5 axes M / C: MK603U
  • Vertical M / C: MV154


  • National Award of Outstanding SMEs
  • 5 axes M / C: MV204IIU


  • 5 axes M / C: MK70U


  • Horizontal M / C MK60H exceeded 100 units.


  • Horizontal M / C: MK60IIH


  • The factory was moved to Daya Town in Taichung County.
  • Developed and produced horizontal model MK60H and vertical models MK 60II , MV240II.


  • Developed and produced for "H" company.


  • First generation: VM / C MV-204.
  • VM / C: MK-60.


  • QUASER Machine Tools Inc was established by Mr. Edward Shar and Mr. Samuel Shieh in May.


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